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Sea Stories and Fairy Tales
Several "sea stories" have been sent this way recently so we thought it would be a good idea to keep them all in a central location.  We hope you enjoy this new section dedicated the best and worst of our experiences in submarines.

See also the "Submarine Humor" section!

Meeting the Great Ones

Read the story Cdr. O'Kane's Home Project 
      by RM Stroud


Read the story For the Love of USS Barb 
      by JO1 Diane Perry

Looking Back

Read the story  Christmas Eve in DaNang
      by Gary Walker
         [added 12/2005]

Read the story  A Journey of Yesterdays
      by Dave Eberhart
         [added 12/2004]

Read the story
Tailor-mades Lost 
      by George Herold
         [added 10/2003]

Read the story A Dream  
      by Jim "the General" Patton

Life on a Submarine

Read the story Daddy?
      by Bob "Flapper" Parker
[added 7/2006]

Read the story 21st Birthday
      by Paul "PEP" Perris
[added 7/2006]

Read the story Radio Shock
      by Greg Cannon
[added 7/2006]

Read the story Admiral Rickover's Praise
      by Toby L. Currier
[added 2/2006]

Read the story "Snorkel" the Hardhead Mouse
      by Jack aka COB
[added 11/2004]

Read the story Resident Expert 
      by Robert "Dex" Armstrong
[added 1/2003]

Read the storyArcherfish - Operation Sea Scan 
      by Mike Giambattista

Read the story USS PICUDA News Years Eve 1943 
      by George Herold

Read the story Adventures of a Zule Five Oscar 
      by Glenn Damato

Read the story The Typewriter Klaxon 
      by Everett Mauger

Read the story Angles, Dangles and Gumby 
      by Sean Dupre'

Read the story How the Halfbeak became the Halfbent 
      by Mike Nardelli

Read the story 38 Years Ago Under the Stars 
      by Gary McLaughlin aka Cowboy

Read the story  Wound Up
      by Gary Sievers

Read the story House That? 
      by Gary Sievers

Read the story Queenfish Memories 
      by Richard B. Fason

Read the story Under the Bridge with Decks Awash 
      by Harry "Greek" Shuris

Read the story Down Ladder! by Gil Frydell

Read the story A Lesson in Metamorphasis: USS Perch  
     by Chuck Elliott

Read the story Sea Cat's "Third Periscope" by Gil Frydell

Read the story Heavy Duty Supply Officer: by Jack Liike

Read the story Frozen Squid a la Tigrone: by Charles Corbin

Getting into Submarines

Read the story Movie Run to Sub School
by Richard B. Fason

Earning Your Dolphins

Read the story Qualifying the Submarine by Kevin Flatley

Read the story Clear the Bridge by Steve Shelby

Read the story Sniffing Out Beer on the Beach by Huey

Read the story Mr. Tirante by Bill Enneis

Read the story Wahoo Arriving... by Steve Bateman

Liberty Call

Read the story Holy Loch Beer Bash

Read the story Bad Day for Waterskiing by Mike Nardelli (3/2002)

Read the story Black Suits and Dark Glasses (7/2001)
by Wally Gage

Read the story Beer Rabbit by Dave Hussey

Near Disasters

Read the story   A Field Day to Remember 
by William K. Isaksen

Read the story The Cuban Missile Crisis
by NOVA, featuring Patrick Householder

Read the story Left on the Bridge During a Dive
by Mike Henry

Read the story USS Skate: Romancing the Bottom
by Otis Franks

Read the story Pennies on the Hatch by Chuck Elliott

Read the story Frozen Hatch by Chuck Elliott

On Patrol

Read the story Confessions of a Bridge Phone Talker
      by Tom Kelly 
(added 10/27/2006)

Read the story Cycling Vents
      by Vern Waldrip 
(added 1/1/2006)

Read the story How Cutie Saved Our Christmas Eve
      by George Folta
(added 12/19/2003)

Read the story Getting Religion
      by Len Scuito
(added 1/13/2003)

Read the story Small Boat Transfer - Nassau
      by Patrick A. Hendren
(added 12/5/2002)

Read the story Driving Miss Scranton
      by Brad Arendt
(added 9/9/2002)

Read the story Man Overboard Drills
      by Gary Teleky
(added 12/8/01)

Read the story Trim Dive on USS Sea Owl
      by Bill Now
(added 9/29/01)

Read the story The Battle of Barf in the South China Sea
      by Pete Neild
(added 9/10/01)

Read the story Time to get up,Captain
      by SA/SS Feducia
(added 9/6/01)

Read the story Clear Baffles
      by Jim Combs
(added 7/14/01)

Read the story The Thresher and My Last Day at Sea
      by Paul Hartridge
(added 5/4/01)

Read the story Collision at Sea... Not! by Bill Enneis

Read the story Weld Watch by Chuck Elliott

Read the story Hover Surface? by Charlie Perry

Read the story The Mighty Mine Dodgers by Willie (Dub) Noble

Read the story The Kangaroo Express by Eugene Mazza

Read the story Venting the Depth Detector by Jose Gomez

  Basic Rules for Sea Stories:

The main difference between a Sea Story and a Fairy Tale is:

  • Fairy Tales begin with, "Once Upon a Time..."
  • Sea Stories begin with, "This ain't no s**t!

Of course, the alternate method of delivering a Sea Story is to omit the above, but immediately following the story, the teller must claim that, "This is a Genuine No Sh***er!"

  • Note: "Genuine" is properly pronounced, "GEN-U-WINE". To pronounce it any other way is a dead giveaway that you're really just a target sailor!

Other Sea Story Sources:

Want to submit a story? Email it this way (please include your name, boat and rate as applicable).