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Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

by Allie O'Brien, age 12

Country, Honor and Valor are your decree.
One nation under God is your banner
You: who so valiantly served, fought
and died for me are not forgotten.
My gratitude to you is unwavering.

You were like the lamb led to slaughter.
Without a word you sacrificed yourself for:
Life, Liberty and Justice for all.
With your blood you helped purchase
freedom for your fellow man.
Generations following behind you who
will never know your name say "Thank You".

God, who knew you before the foundations
of the earth were laid, says
"Soldier, Job Well Done".
What an honor and privilege it would be
for me to lay a wreath on your tomb,
representing my respect and the respect
of our country.

With all my heart I say "Thank You".
May God continue to bless you
and God bless America.


And the "rest of the story" from shipmate George Debo:
"My 12 year old grand daughter entered into a nationwide history contest. The contest was to write a poem to the unknown soldier. First prize was the honor of placing a wreath on the tomb of the unknown soldier which is in Arlington Va. Allie O'Brien, the oldest daughter of my youngest daughter, took first place in the nation. It is in the tradition of our family to stand up and be counted and to render unto Caesar that which is Caesars. Allie, Grandma Nicky and I are proud to tell the world that we love you and are so happy to see you so honored. Grandpa Debo."

(George Debo is a member of Seattle and South Sound Bases, USSVI)