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Supply Corps Dolphins - How They Came to Be


The following is an excerpt from a letter to Ken "Pig" Henry:

"You know, thinking back to the Archerfish visit to Guam, it was after the visit that I got the inspiration to design a set of dolphins for supply corps officers qualified in submarines. By 1962 supply corps offices were being put in crews of the boats like Triton and the FBMs. The design was approved almost as submitted and I was give credit for them. Subsequently I was sent to sub school where I did not fare well and ended up going to a new construction DLG. My problem at sub school was electricity, I thought ohms, watts and amps was the infield for the Brooklyn Dodgers."

Best regards, Bernie Dunn

(Captain Bernard D. Dunn, SSC, USN, RET)

[submitted by Ken "Pig" Henry, USS Archerfish shipmate]