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V.H. Rohrbacher GMC/SS 

Rohrbacker V.H. Rohrbacher - Gunners Mate 1/c and Chief who served aboard the USS.Bowfin (reference-Pearl Harbor Avenger - U.S.S. Bowfin pages, 151 238-242-246-249-250 and more) died Tuesday, April 19, 2005. He was 87 and loved the Navy as do I.

He was at Pearl Harbor - he would forget his wallet, but NEVER that Day.

I am his only child, Lu Alderette, and the stories of my history-our history will stay with me forever.

His licence plate said "Courage Runs Deep" - So does Love and Respect.

-- Lu Alderette - Loving my Father the Sailor

Bowfin Chiefs (click photo for larger size)