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RMC(SS) William Burns, USNR

by William Burns CPT, USAR (former LT, USNR) (Son)

My Father was RMC(SS) William Burns, USNR (ret). He qualified on USS Chopper (SS342) in the spring of 1958 . As best as I can figure while the boat was in Charleston S.C. for some work. What makes his story some what unique is that he was a reservist who did all his submarine qualifications while in the reserves.

He eventualy made EM2 before he left the service in 1968. He renlisted in the adavanced Paygrade Program in 1982 as a RMI (temporary), SN (permanent). The RM1 became permanent in a year after he finished all the qualifications. He made RMC on his first look by the board. Incidently he scored 100% on the chief's examination. He retired from the reserves in 1992 after having served for two years as the chief radioman on USS Fulton (AS-11).

He departed on eternal patrol on June 24, 2005 after a long bout with alzheimer's.

Rest your oar sailor.

[posted Jan 2006]