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Richard L Enskat I TM1/SS USN
My father was my idol when I was growing up. He always was there for us. I never tired of his submarine/war stories from his days in the submarine service. I could sit for hours and listen, laugh and learn from him. He told me stories from his days as a torpedoman aboard the USS Pickerel SS-524. I guess that is why followed in his footsteps once I graduated from High School. I became a Submarine Sailor myself and also strived and became a successful torpedoman myself. The submarine service takes pride in the men that they allow to serve. My father always told me growing up, "Submarine sailors are a different breed of people". I never new what he meant until I was once one myself.

I hope others will find this site and put there experiences of loved and relatives out here.

GySgt Richard L Enskat II / USMC (Son)
Comm Chief
2d Mp Bn