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Reserve Training Boats 
of the US Submarine Service
[this page is currently under construction and is in rough form.  If you have photos and/or stories from time spent on these boats, please email me.  Please limit photos to those of the boats at their respective training station/berth.]

Angler, Batfish, Billfish, Carp, Cavalla, Cero, Charr, Chopper, Cobia, Cod, Crevalle, Dentuda, Drum, Gato, Greenling, GuardfishGuavina, Gurnard, Hake, Ling, Lionfish, Manta, Parche, Perch, Peto, PikePorpoise, Puffer, Requin, Roncodor, Runner, Sea Dog, Seal, Shad, Silversides, Tambor, Tarpon, Tautog, Torsk, Trepang  

T h e   B o a t s
USS Angler SS-240
Submarine Reserve Division 4-37 Philadelphia Naval Shipyard

<<reserve era photo needed>>


USS Batfish SS-310
Naval Station Algiers (New Orleans, LA)

<<reserve era photo needed>>


USS Billfish SS-286
South Boston Navy Yard

(Early 1968 photo courtesy of Michelle Gagner via 
Gil Bohannon shows Torsk, Billfish and Carp in Boston)

Gil Bohannon's comments on the above photo: "It appears that Torsk and Carp have already gone through the deactivation process, as they have the "manhole" covers on the tank tops (for tank inspections) and the shore power connection is routed through a large box mounted on the aft end of the sail. (This box was on Torsk till we removed it during some restoration work a year or so ago). You can see the shore power cables going to the box on both boats.

All three boats are riding quite high, and it looks like Billfish has a TV antenna mounted to her starboard railing up forward. 

The picture was sent to me by Michelle Gagner - her father was stationed aboard TORO in the early 60's. By 1968, he was teaching on shore duty at Boston.

The following photos are from the US Navy Memorial Foundation website. Thanks to Fred Tannenbaum for calling my attention to them.

(view larger size)

Billfish (SS-286), in 1961, at Boston Naval Shipyard, serving as a dock side training submarine for Naval Reservists. In the background at an ajoining pier is Dayton (CL-105), in reserve.

(larger size not available)

Billfish (SS-286), in July 1962, at Boston Naval Shipyard, serving as a dock side training submarine for Naval Reservists. Moored outboard of Billfish is Siskin (MSC(O)-58)


USS Carp SS-338
South Boston Navy Yard

Last of the "ship keepers" on Carp - 1970.

  Photo courtesy of Frank Hill EMC/SS who is looking over the right shoulder of the chief in blues.
(Frank was the last person to ship over on the Carp)

(click for full size photo)


USS Cavalla SS-244
Houston, Texas

<<reserve era photo needed>>

From http://www.cavalla.org: Cavalla remained active in ASW fleet exercises until she was decommissioned yet again on the third of June, 1968, to be re-commissioned as a pier side training boat (in service, in reserve) in Houston, Texas on June 30, 1968. Her years of faithful service ended for good on December 30, 1969, as she was retired from the fleet, after nearly a quarter-century. At 1200 hours, 21 January 1971, the U.S. Navy transferred possession of Cavalla to the U.S. SUBVETs W.W.II, at the mooring site at Orange, Texas. She was then delivered to her permanent home at Seawolf Park, Galveston, Texas, completely refitted and painted to serve as a public historical memorial on April 11, 1971 (the 71st anniversary of the American Silent Service) at a cost of approximately $150,000 to the SUBVETs and the Galveston Park Board. The same day the Cavalla was commissioned for the final time as a member of the Texas Navy.

From Leonard Tunnell: She was a reserve training boat in Houston. I think she was put there in 1968. I was a shipkeeper on her there in 1969. We had a Lieutenant Mier as OIC and thirteen shipkeepers. The station was closed in Dec. 1969 and Cavalla was then sent to (I think) Orange, Texas, to be scrapped. USS Crevalle or USS Cabrilla was at Orange to be sent to Galveston as a Memorial boat, but when Cavalla arrived it was decided that she was in better shape and she was sent to Galveston instead.


USS Cero SS-225
Belle Isle, Detroit, Michigan
USS Cero, Belle Isle, Detoit, Michigan
(click for full size view)

Above photo of USS Cero at Belle Isle, Detroit, Michigan.

USS Charr SS-328
Alameda, California

<<reserve era photo needed>>

Jerry Bliss, RMCM(SS): The USS CHARR replaced the USS PARCHE at Alameda Reserve Training Center and was the boat for Submarine Reserve Division 12-9. Alameda, California.   I served aboard both boats during my USNR days.


USS Chopper SS-342
Naval Station Algiers (New Orleans, LA)

<<reserve era photo needed>>


USS Cobia SS-245
SubDiv 9-227 Milwaukee WI

 (1960 photo courtesy of Pat Householder - (click here for full size image)

USS Cobia as a reserve sub for SubDiv 9-227 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  The above photo was taken in July, 1960.


USS Crevalle SS-291
PNSY Kittery Reserve Center

Above photo courtesy of ETC(SS) John "Bud" Cunnally who was the bow planesman on Crevalle's last dive. (click photo for larger view)

USS Cod SS-224
Naval Reserve Submarine Division, 4-92, Cleveland Ohio

USS Cod SS224 in Cleveland OH - Click photo for larger view
(photo courtesy of John Fakan) 

The USS Cod SS-224 was a Reserve Boat in Cleveland, Ohio (1959-1971)

The Reserve unit was Naval Reserve Submarine Division, 4-92.  As of April 2005, she remains at that location and serves as a museum and memorial. 


USS Dentuda SS-385
Hunters Point Naval Shipyard, CA

(Dentuda pulling into Hunters Point, 1946 - Courtesy Larry Derouin)

Dentuda was decommissioned 11 December 1946 and stationed in the 12th Naval District (HUNTER's POINT NAVAL SHIPYARD) for use as a Naval Reserve Training Boat. Dentuda was stricken and sold for scrap February 12, 1969 to Zidell Explorations of Portland Or. for $55,459.00 .

Note: Assigned to JTF 1 as a test vessel for Operation "Crossroads," Dentuda returned to Pearl Harbor 14 February 1946, and on 22 May sailed for Bikini Atoll. She underwent both atomic weapons tests with her crew safely away from their submarine, and returned to Pearl Harbor 6 September. On 7 October she got underway for Mare Island Naval Shipyard, arriving 14 October. She was decommissioned 11 December 1946 and stationed in the 12th Naval District for the training of members of the Naval Reserve.

Boats at the Bikini test were: 

USS Apogon (SS-308) sunk by Test Baker at Bikini, 25 July 1946.

USS Dentuda (SS-335) sent to West Coast, sold for scrap, 20 January 1969.

USS Parche (SS-384) sent to West Coast, sold for scrap, July 1970.

USS Pilotfish (SS-386) sunk by Test Baker at Bikini, 25 July 1946.

USS Searaven (SS-196) sunk as target off California, 11 September 1948.

USS Skate (SS-305) scuttled off California, 5 October 1948.

USS Skipjack (SS-184) sunk as target off California, 11 August 1948.

USS Tuna (SS-203) scuttled off California, 24 September 1948.

Atomic Bomb Tests - Bikini Atoll - 1946

The Dentuda may be the boat visible in the highlighted square.  Click here for a larger view.


USS Drum SS-228

<<reserve era photo needed>>


USS Gato SS-212
Fort McHenry - Baltimore, Maryland

<<reserve era photo needed>>

Frederick W Grund FTBC(SS) USN Ret:
"I decided that I wanted to be in Submarines in 1957. A coworker of my fathers was in the Navy reserve on a Destroyer at Ft McHenry in Baltimore MD. He told my father that the Navy had a Submarine Reserve Group at the Fort also. I applied or and was excepted into the Reserves in Aug of 57. The boat at the Fort was the USS Gato SS 212. As soon as I got out of sub school I went regular and was stationed on the USS Sealion APSS 315. I put her out of commission in 60 in Portsmouth NH where she became the Reserve Training Boat. Some time in the early 60's she was back in service. The Sealion was used for target practice in late 77. I came into New London with the Stonewall Jackson on my last run at sea and the Lion tied up on the other side of the pier. I had a chance to see her one last time."


USS Greenling SS-213
South Boston Navy Yard

Greenling (SS-213)
, and Shad (SS-235), at Boston in 1961 awaiting scrapping


USS Guardfish SS-217
SubBase New London

GUARDFISH remained inactive until 18 June 1948, when she was placed "in service" for duty as a Naval Reserve Training Ship at New London. Guardfish was replaced by Manta in April, 1960
USS Guavina AOSS-362
Naval Reserve Training Center by Fort McHenry - Baltimore, Maryland

USS Guavina AOSS-362 in Baltimore - 1966 - Courtesy Donald Wood

One unit left out was USS GUAVINA, an AOSS, which replaced USS GATO at Baltimore during the 1959/1960 period.

I transferred to Naval Reserve Submarine Division 5-7 at Baltimore in Sep 59. GATO was the station ship. I recall that GUAVINA replaced her prior to the time I moved to Panama in Jun 60. Her after torpedo room had been stripped and replaced with a pumping station. A platform was overlayed on the fantail, notched to accept the bow of a seaplane. Interesting conversion.

[click here to find out about the mysterious seaplanes]

Claude Farmer
Fernandina Beach, FL

I was aboard GUAVINA (AOSS-362) 1964-1966 when she was the Reserve Training Boat in Baltimore. We were tied up at the Naval Reserve Training Center next to Fort McHenry. Don't know when she got there or when she left, but I know she was there during that time.

More on Guavina.. while I was aboard in Baltimore, we were towed to the Bethlehem Steel Shipyard to have the batteries removed. Following that we were towed through the C&D Canal to Philadelphia Naval Shipyard so they could remove the entire snorkel system (all of it!) to send to South America for installation on one of the Fleet Boats we had give some country down there... never did hear which country or which boat it went to.

After about four months we returned to our berth near Ft McHenry and resumed doing the Reserve Training thing

Ken "Pig" Henry

USS Gurnard SS-254
Tacoma, Washington

(click image for full size view)

The photo is courtesy of Albert "Al" Rieboldt who was aboard her prior to 1960 when she was replaced by the Cabazon (the Puffer was in Seattle at approximately the time and was replaced by the Bowfin).  Al reported aboard in December 1958 but doesn't know the exact date of the photo.  Al reports that, "The batteries were removed and precautions made so it would not dive. The reserves would come down once a month and simulate taking the boat to sea and diving them."


USS Hake SS-256
Submarine Reserve Division 4-37 Philadelphia Naval Shipyard

<<reserve era photo needed>>


USS Ling SS-297
Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York

 Photo courtesy of Steve Atkatz - (click to view full size image)

In Dec 62 LING was redesignated AGSS and became training vessel for Naval Reserve Submarine Divisions 3-23 & 3-55, moored at the NYNS [Brooklyn Navy Yard]. In 1971 LING was stricken from the Navy List and transferred to the Submarine Memorial Association, Hackensack NJ, where she became part of the New Jersey Naval Museum.


USS Lionfish SS-298
Marine Corp Reserve Pier, Providence RI

<< reserve service photo needed>>

LIONFISH was placed in service in reserve 1 March 1960, towed to Providence, R.I., and moored at the Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Pier where she served as a reserve training submarine.


USS Manta AGSS-299
3rd Naval District

<< reserve service photo needed>>

On December 6, 1955 the Manta was decommissioned and was placed in the inactive fleet. In April 1960, she was assigned to Naval Reserve training duties with the 3rd Naval District. On June 30, 1967 she was struck from the navy list.

Manta was sunk as a target off Norfolk, Virginia on July 16, 1969.

USS Parche SS-384
Alameda CA
"The USS Parche SS384 was a reserve boat from 1947 till 1969. It was located in Alameda, Ca. I was aboard in 56/57 as a reservist. We were awarded the E for excellence during this time, and it was presented by Adm. Nimitz himself. He was in full dress blue, what a treat for a 17 year old." - John Hintz


USS Perch SS-313
San Diego California

 (photo courtesy of Pat Householder - click here for full size image)

The above photo was taken in 1968 at the pier in front of the Admiral Kidd Club after Perch replaced the Trepang.


USS Peto SS-265
Houston, Texas

<< reserve service photo needed>>

Sometime around 1957 the USS Peto replaced the USS Porpoise as the Houston reserve boat.


USS Pike SS-173
Baltimore, Maryland

<< reserve service photo needed>>

Exact dates are currently unknown but include 1953.

USS Porpoise SS-172
Houston, Texas

<< reserve service photo needed>>

Bob Burrell, YNC(SS): The Porpoise served as a reserve sub for Submarine Divisions 8-94 and 8-95 located in Houston, Texas as part of the 8th Naval District's training program.  She arrived in Houston in l947 and for a while was tied up at the San Jacinto Ordinance Depot in Houston. From there she was moved to the Dickson Gun Plant in Galena Park, Texas closer to downtown Houston. I went on board as a shipkeeper in April l948 and served on her until Sept l956. The Porpoise was replaced in about l957 by the USS Peto. Porpoise was taken to Naval Station, Orange, Texas where she was disposed of by the Navy.  Unfortunately I do not have any pictures of her while in reserve status.


USS Puffer SS-268
Seattle, Washington

(photo courtesy of Ric Hedman - original source: Craig McDonald)

Click for larger view
Photo courtesy of Craig McDonald whose father served aboard
Puffer in WWII. Craig received the phot from Lane Stimpfle
(click photo for larger image)


USS Requin SS-481
St. Petersburg, Florida

Photos above and below in Tampa just
after Requin's Reserve service ended.

From Ken "Pig" Henry: Also, REQUIN was NOT a Reserve Training Submarine in TAMPA [as previously reported here - Ed.]... she was at the Coast Guard Station across the bay in St. Petersburg. The Tampa reserves drilled on her, but they had to go to St. Pete to do it. When it was no longer needed to train reserves, the Navy gave the boat to the City of Tampa as a tourist attraction. It was towed from St. Pete to the Naval Reserve Training Center pier in Tampa to defuel and get it ready for the move into the Hillsborough River. I was the Leading Chief on shore duty at the reserve center in Tampa at the time. With some help from a couple of other guys we got the fuel off and made the move to the Hillsborough River berth adjacent to the mayors rose garden. I flooded the ballast tanks with fresh water using a fire hose from a city hydrant to push her into the mud and hold her in place. 


USS Roncodor AGSS-301
Long Beach, California

<< reserve service photo needed>>

Trivia: Roncodor was used as the "Pink Submarine" in the television series "Operation Petticoat." (see the movie boats page)

Roncodor was slated to be a museum boat but was ultimately "repo-ed" by the Navy and stripped by other museum boats in the spring of 1982 before being scrapped. Her fairwater is at Naval Submarine Base San Diego (Ballast Point).


USS Runner SS-476
Great Lakes, Illinois

Photo courtesy of Ray Stone
USS Runner by the Chicago Naval Armory, courtesy of Ray "Olgoat" Stone
(view larger size)

Ray Stone: RUNNER was decommissioned 1/25/69 at Boston Naval Shipyard and towed to Great Lakes Naval Training Station, where she served as a Reserve training vessel until she was stricken from the Navy list, 12/15/71. 

This is probably one of the last pictures [above] taken of RUNNER before she was towed up-river, cut up & scrapped.

(Runner alongside the Chicago Naval Armory - from NavSource website - thanks to Fred Tannenbaum for finding it)


USS Sea Dog SS-401
Salem, Massachusetts

(click photo for larger view)

The above photo was made from a slide taken by WWII enthusiast and camera buff Bob Zalanskas in March, 1965, on Derby Wharf.

USS Shad (SS 235) was berthed there [Salem MA] as a Reserve boat until late 1959 when it was delivered to NSY Boston for sale and scrapping. Shortly we were given USS Sea Dog (SS 401) from the reserve fleet in New London. I know this because I was O-In-C of both boats as well as CO or the training center until May 1960 I have no knowledge of when the operation was closed down but remember visiting Salem about 20 years ago and old Derby Wharf was clear of all boats and buildings. It had been unique because all of the buildings were painted barn red. The locals insisted on that color before they would OK the building of the training center in the late 40s. Regards, D.A.Williams Capt USN Ret


USS Seal SS-183
Portsmouth, NH 

<< reserve service photo needed>>

Exact dates of service are unknown but includes the mid-fifties.

USS Shad SS-235
Salem, Massachusetts

USS Shad (SS 235) was berthed there as a Reserve boat until late 1959 when it was delivered to NSY Boston for sale and scrapping. Shortly we were given USS Sea Dog (SS 401) from the reserve fleet in New London. I know this because I was O-In-C of both boats as well as CO or the training center until May 1960 I have no knowledge of when the operation was closed down but remember visiting Salem about 20 years ago and old Derby Wharf was clear of all boats and buildings. It had been unique because all of the buildings were painted barn red. The locals insisted on that color before they would OK the building of the training center in the late 40s. -- D.A.Williams Capt USN Ret

USS Silversides SS-236
Chicago, Illinois

The USS Silversides (SS-236) is shown behind Chicago's Naval Armory, Randolph Street and Lake Michigan in Naval Reserve training service. Note the destroyer escort astern, also in training service. The Silversides was decommissioned on 17 April 1946 at New London and placed in reserve. 

In 1947, she was removed and towed up the Mississippi and Illinois rivers to Chicago where she was placed in service in October 1947 as a Naval Reserve trainer for the Ninth Naval District. She served this role for almost 22 years. One year in the 1950s, she was awarded the Admiral Chester W. Nimitz trophy for having one of the best Naval Reserve units in the nation; Nimitz himself was on hand to present the award. 

The Silversides was stricken from the Naval Register on 30 June 1969 and was replaced by the USS Runner (SS-476). The Silversides was preserved as a museum now located in Muskegon, Mich. The Runner was scrapped after about two years of service.

Note: The Silversides reserve unit, 9-225, won the Nimitz Trophy in 1952. The trophy was given to the best of the 26 submarine reserve units.

USS Tambor SS-198
Belle Isle, Detroit, Michigan

Photo above and below courtesy of Mark Tomey.  The photos were taken while Tambor was stationed at Belle Isle, Detroit, Michigan. (Note: Belle Isle is an island in the Detroit River accessed via a bridge in downtown Detroit.  On the others side of the island is Ontario, Canada.) Mark's email accompanying these photos stated, "She had a ceremony on September 10, 1958 at 10am that marked her end before being shipped for scrapping."

In April 1947, the submarine was assigned to the 9th Naval District to train naval reservists; and she reported to the Naval Reserve Training Center, Detroit, Mich., on 8 December. Tambor remained on duty as a reserve training ship until 1959 when a Board of Inspection and Survey found her unfit for further naval service. She was struck from the Navy list on 1 September and subsequently sold for scrap.


USS Tarpon SS-175
Naval Station Algiers (New Orleans, LA)

<< reserve service photo needed>>

TARPON left Boston under tow on 28 March 1947 and arrived at New Orleans on 9 April and was placed in service there on the 17th. She served as a training submarine in the 8th Naval District (Reserve Div 22) until placed out of service and struck from the Navy List on 5 September 1956. She sank 26 August 1957 while under tow to Baltimore for scrapping and is dived regularly southeast of Cape Hatteras, N.C.


USS Tautog SS-199
Naval Reserve Training Center, Milwaukee WI

Tautog (SS-199) outboard Cobia in Milwaukee, Wisconsin while the reserve div was in process of changing reserve subs. Note the 40 mm gun on the fwd cigarette deck and the 3" gun aft. That 3" gun now resides on the fwd deck of USS Pampanito in San Francisco. (click for full size view)

Plans to use Tautog as a target during atomic bomb tests at Bikini in 1946 were cancelled, and she was assigned to the 9th Naval District on 9 May 1947 as a reserve training ship. The submarine was towed to Wisconsin and arrived at Milwaukee on 26 December 1947. She provided immobile service at the Naval Reserve Training Center for the next decade. Tautog was placed out of service and struck from the Navy list on 11 September 1959. On 15 November 1959, she was sold to the Bultema Dock & Dredge Co., Manistee, Mich., for scrap.

The following photos are courtesy of Gil Bohannon.  They were taken while Tautog was a reserve boat in Milwaukee.


USS Torsk SS-423

Photo courtesy of Gil Bohannon. (view full size)
Gil's comments on the above photo: "TORSK SS-423 was at Washington DC as the reserve boat from 68-72, replacing DRUM (which then went to Mobile as a museum).

> I don't have a shot of her pier side (yet) but I do have the attached photo of her being towed away from DC to the reserve fleet in Norfolk on 8 Feb 72."


USS Trepang  SS-412
San Diego California

(Photo courtesy of Pat Householder - click here to view full size)

Click for larger view
(Above Sand Diego photo courtesy of George Gosting)

The top (Householder) photo was taken in December 1965 at the pier in front of the Admiral Kidd Club. Trepang was replaced by Perch.

The Reserve Training Fleet - compiled by Myron Howard

Ref: Friedman's US Submarines Since 1945 and Subnet.com
Please report errors/omissions to the webmaster. Note, the Friedman book referred to the below as "pier side trainers." 

Boat Years Location
USS TAUTOG SS199 1947-1958 Milwaukee
USS GATO SS212 1952-60 New York, Baltimore
USS GREENLING SS213 1946-60 Portsmouth. Boston
USS GUARDFISH SS217 1948-60 New London???
USS BLACKFISH SS221 1949-54 St. Petersburg
USS COD SS224 1960-71 Cleveland
USS CERO SS225 1959-67 Detroit
USS DRUM SS228 1947-68 Washington, DC
USS HADDOCK SS231 1948-52, 1956-60 6th Naval Dist, Portsmouth
USS KINGFISH SS234 1947-60
USS SHAD SS235 1948-60 1st Naval Dist
USS WHALE SS239 1957-60 New London??
USS ANGLER SS240 1968-71 Philadelphia
USS COBIA SS245 1959-70 Milwaukee
USS CROAKER SS246 1968-71
USS GURNARD SS254 1959-60 Tacoma
USS HAKE SS256 1956-68 Philadelphia
USS HOE SS258 1956-60 New London???
USS PARGO SS264 1946-60 13th Naval Dist
USS PETO SS265 1956-60 8th Naval Dist
USS PUFFER SS268 1946-60 Seattle
USS RASHER SS269 1967-71 Portland
USS REDFIN SS272 1967-70 Baltimore
USS SAWFISH SS276 1947-60 San Pedro
USS SUNFISH SS281 1949-60
USS BILLFISH SS286 1960-68
USS BOWFIN SS287 1960-71
USS CABRILLA SS288 1960-68
USS LING SS297 1960-71 Brooklyn
USS LIONFISH SS298 1960-71 Providence
USS MANTA SS299 1960-67 3rd Naval Dist
USS RONCADOR SS301 1960-71 San Pedro
USS BATFISH SS310 1960-69
USS PERCH SS313 1967-71
USS SEALION SS315 1960-61 Portsmouth
USS CHARR SS328 1969-71 Almeda
USS CABEZON SS334 1960-70
US DENTUDA SS335 1946-67 12th Naval Dist
USS CARP SS338 1968-71
USS CHOPPER SS342 1969-71 New Orleans
USS GUAVINA SS362 1960-67 5th Naval Dist
USS LOGGERHEAD SS374 1960-67 Portland
USS PARCHE SS384 1948-69 Oakland, Almeda
USS SEA DOG SS401 1960-68 1st Naval Dist
USS PIPER SS409 1967-70 Detroit
USS TORSK SS423 1968-71 Washington Navy Yard
USS RUNNER SS476 1970-71 Naval Armory, Chicago
USS REQUIN SS481 1969-71 St. Petersburg

T h e   S t a t i o n s
South Boston Navy Yard
"Was attached to SubDiv 1-7, and then SubDiv 1-8,(Reserve Submarine Divisions from late 50's to late 60's, at So. Boston Navy Yard. First training boat was SS-213, Greenling, next was SS-286, Billfish, and last was SS-338, Carp. Used them for basic systems Qualification, we took 20 to 30 non quals to sea weekends, for diving and surfacing drills, rotating every dive!! I think it worked out well, all things considered, at least when they got to their first boat, they had a pretty good idea of what was expected of them, and what it was like to be within the confines of the boat."
- Bob Casey
Salem Massachusetts

USS Shad SS 235

(close up from previous photo)

(close up from previous photo)

"My grand parents lived 2 minutes from Derby Wharf and as a child we would visit and walk down the wharf every Sunday, this was back in the late 60's. I remember a WWII sub that was docked there, and several old gun mounts by the buildings." -Mike Marland

[The boat in these images (of vintage postecards) may be the Sea Dog or the Shad - research is ongoing - Ed.]

[Research update, Sept 2006.  A reader writes, "Hello, I just came across your site. Very nice. I would like to confirm the submarine docked in Salem Mass. in the last few pictures is the Sea Dog. She was there when I joined the Navy Reserve (Surface Division 1-26L) in May, 1966. I remember watching training films starring Jack Web in the Sea Dog. I spent my active duty in Vietnam (Brown Water) as a QM3, and was discharged in May 1972 as a QM2. Years later I looked up the history of the Sea Dog and I learned what a great, heroic boat ahe was. Today she is gone, and the Naval Reserve training center, with it's dignity and classy WWII veterans, has been replaced by "modern" tourist attractions. I miss the boat and the people who taught me what I needed to survive in Vietnam. I will always be grateful to QMC Gershin ans BM1 Beberness. Jim Sweet"

Thanks Jim! - Ed.]

[Research update, Oct 2006.  Contributor Nelson Dionne came across this photo of Shad to help solve the mystery of which boat is which in the postcard photos above:

(click photo to view full size)

Many thanks Nelson!  - Ed. ]

A c k n o w l e d g e m e n t s 

Submarine Veteran/Historian Contributions

  • Al Rieboldt (Gurnard)
  • Mark Tomey (Tambor)
  • Fred Tannenbaum (Silversides, Cero, Roncodor, Billfish)
  • Larry Derouin (Dentuda)
  • Ric Hedman (Puffer)
  • Gary Walker (Cod)
  • Bob Casey (S. Boston Navy Yard, Greenling, Billfish, Carp)
  • Ron Martini (Roncodor)
  • John Hintz (Parche)
  • Dennis Gilbert (Tarpon)
  • Steve Atkatz (Ling)
  • John C. McGuckin (Angler, Batfish, Chopper, Hake)
  • Gill Bohannon (Billfish, Torsk, Tautog)
  • Myron Howard (Main list, Cavalla)
  • Leonard Tunnell (Cavalla)
  • Morris Vincent (Manta)
  • Frederick W Grund (Gato)
  • Bob Burrell, YNC(SS) (Peto, Porpoise)
  • Jerry Bliss, RMCM(SS) (Charr)
  • Ray Stone (Runner)
  • D.A.Williams Capt USN Ret (Shad, Sea Dog)
  • Ken "Pig" Henry (Requin, Guavina)
  • Peter Morrison (Permit)
  • Mike Marland (Training station in Salem, MA)
  • Nelson Dionne (Training station in Salem, MA)
  • Bob Zalanskas (Sea Dog)
  • Jim Sweet (Sea Dog)
  • John "Bud" Cunnally (Crevalle)


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