Soul of a Submariner!!!

He cast his soul to the wind, and let his spirit free.
And his life was set on course, with a submarine decree.

Society had many rules, no way he would live by.
No commuting to an office, no wearing suit and tie.

No time to conform, no time for kids and wife.
The sea was to be his home, the service was his life.

If only he could tell, of the sights that he had seen.
Of the seas that he had sailed, on that fine old submarine.

But his tales will go untold, because of history past.
Of lessons paid in blood, the "Silent Service" it was cast.

Though the days drift into years, the memories do not fade.
Of good boats and tough missions, and the sacrifices made.

Of Silver Dolphins and great shipmates, and moonless dark sea nights.
Of travel to exotic lands, and many bewildering sites.

O to hear the claxon sound, his friends they do not know.
He prays to once again, go where Submariners go.

Each year he grows more restless, the salt flows through his veins.
But the depths are for the young, not the old with many pains.

His heart beats with a fever, his mind drifts to the sea.
He knows the taste of liberty, and what it costs to be free.

He will hear the vents no longer, he will go to sea no more.
For his final set of orders, has cast his soul ashore.


By John Chaffey SSN639, SSN687, SSBN619

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