For The Sailors Below


As dawn came to the Pacific atoll

The siriens awoke and began to blow

As the cowards came in droves

Bombs and torpedos, hot, on fire, from Hells own stove

They murdered many and spared so few

These brave sailing warriors awoke without a clue

Strafing the beaches ,Red blood on the sand

The color of the zero tatooed on the devils hand

No warning no thought of it in advance

A war from the skys of hell the yellow demons danced

The planes came high and low

I wasnt there you know

But if I close my eyes I can be

And smell the oil and blood on the burning sea

I can hear the screams of Sailors all

As their best friends and mates did fall

As the fires took their mighty ships that day

To thier sand and salty grave to stay

Where the ghosts of every brave maritime hero

Can still be heard to curse from the depths below

Damned be these devils in disquise

Damned be the day they rained from the skies

Damned be the day it should happen again

Damned better bet we'll rise and fight till we win

Let us bow our heads for a minute friends

In fact, for the day, as we honor them again

Let them know they did not go in vain

Nor fall unknown and will always remain

As part of this nations battle hymn we sing

As we tug the rope and the bells of freedom ring

And lets us pray as I know they also do

That the world will someday be a better place for me and you.

 - Mk Fisher 21:00 12/04/2002 - 

by Monty Fisher
USS AA Cunningham DD 752
Tonkin Gulf North Vietnam 1966 / 1967

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