Sorry, database is down at the moment

Sorry, the SubmarineSailor.Com database is temporarily unavailable for new data and editing of existing data.  The database was recently hacked and some data was lost.  The base crew data is basically intact  but your email address may have been shortened so if you are currently registered on this site, search for your record and see if your email address is OK. 

The pages that allow new registrations and the editing of existing data are being rebuilt using more secure technology and your patience is appreciated.  All other function on the site have been restored to operation such as the search for crew members by name or by boat and the links (many links have been damaged as well, they will be repaired over time). All the data on movies, books and so on was lost and will not be restored (it's easy enough to Google those...)

It's unfortunate some dirtbag found it necessary to hack a website dedicated to those who served in the Submarine Service but it is what it is.

Please check back periodically. Thanks!