On Eternal Patrol
This section includes brief notices received of departed shipmates.
Crew Service Departed
Askew, Keon A. USS San Francisco SSN-711 1998-2002 2002 while on board.
Avant, Hubert D. USS Tench, Thomas Edison January, 1967
Ayres, Capt. William Harvey CO USS Pomodon, SS-486 Approx September, 2000
Bailey, Norris "Weldon" He served 27 years in the United States Navy Submarine Force, having served on the Odax, Spadefish, Baton Rouge, and Thresher to name a few. August 30, 2002
Baker, Emerson Benn 1/c USS Bushnell AS-15
Lived in Hamilton, OH. 
July, 2001
Bills, Robert G. - CDR 
Tribute web site
Commanded the Sealion and Tusk.  He was also Exec of the Sub Base in Groton Unknown
Blanchard Jr, James W "Doc" USNA Graduate, 1956
CO Bonefish, SS-582
(father was RADM James W Blanchard, USNA 1927, decorated WWII Submarine CO)
September 16, 2000
Bordelon, Bob RM1/SS Perished in the catastrophic fire on board USS Bonefish SS582 on 24 April 1988 while trying to save the ship. Rest your oars

Submitted by Matt Donnelly, SK1/SS (USN Retired)

Bracken, H. Curtis "Doc" USS Spadefish, USS Baton Rouge March 15, 2000
Cable, Art State Cdr, Pennsylvanie April 18, 2003
Cage, Robert E. ETCS/SS Senior Chief Cage was a life member of USSVI and the Topeka-Jefferson City Base, USSVI and served aboard the USS Nathaniel Green (SSBN636), USS H. L. Stimpson (SSBN 655) and the USS Kamehaha (SSBN642). He was very proud of his service to his country and of his son, LCDR John Cage, currently the Eng. Officer aboard the USS Parche (SSN683).
October 12, 2003
Carlson, Kenneth R.  Ken enlisted on Jan 9, 1941 and was in Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941. He volunteered for submarine duty in 1943 and was assigned to USS Guavina. He also served aboard USS Sea Robin, USS Tambor, USS Cubera, USS Blenny, USS Silversides and USS Trout. Ken retired in 1965 after serving 24 years in the Navy; most of it in submarines. Died on May 29, 2002 at the age of 80. 
Cavasino, Gaspare USS Angler Approx December 1999
Chisum, Ronald Leroy CWO4 USS Plunger, USS Permit, USS George Washington Died on active duty: COMSUBTRAFAC     February 19th, 1986
Ciak, Frank IC1(SS) USS STERLET SS392 from 66-68.  Passed away July 17, 1992 of liver cancer related to Hepatitis as a young lad - he loved his boat.  - Sent by Richard Jarenski YN1(SS) USS STERLET (SS392) (66-67) July 17, 1992
Clipston, Eugene EN1(SS) USS Remora SS-487  
Cohoon, Al EN1(SS) USS Archerfish and many others during 20 years of service. April 5, 2003
Eatonville, WA
Dack, Stephen MMC(SS) (Ret)  Steve did two tours on Minn-St Paul, one on Permit, a tour as a recruiter in Tenn, and a tour at Naval Sub training fac, Norfolk. He was 42 years old. He had just moved to Tenn and started a job at Alcoa. He is survived by his wife Laurie, and three children. 2002
Davis, Walter Barry  USS John C. Calhoun, Mariano G. Vallejo and James K. Polk August 21, 1998
DeMarco, Anthony R. LT USS Threadfin SS-410 from 59-62 On Eternal Patrol 2-26-2003, interned in Arlington National Cemetary
Ebelt, Earl S. TM(SS) Boat service unknown, U. S. Submarine Veterans WWII-Seawolf Chapter, avid fisheman and world traveler. Age 77, September 3, 2003
Emmons, Roy G. USS Tunny Approx Aug, 2000
Evans, Howard USS Queenfish, WWII war patrol vet 10-22-2003
Everets, Ray - Engineer Perished in the catastrophic fire on board USS Bonefish SS582 on 24 April 1988 while trying to save the ship. Rest your oars

Submitted by Matt Donnelly, SK1/SS (USN Retired)

France, Glen A.  USS Patrick Henry SSB(N) 599 Unknown
Friedman, Werner "Bill" FTC(SS) USS Cavalla SS-244 October 2-, 2000
Frydell, Gil  USS Sea Cat, SS-399 June 8, 2000
Gallagher Jr., John R.  USS City of Corpus Christi SSN-705 Age 40, died Sunday, May 6, 2001
Gerber, Bill USS Sirago, SS-485 September 24, 2000
Goble, Harold M USS Guardfish March, 2000
Griffin, Jeffrey L, MMC(SS) USS John Marshall (SSBN/SSN 611) and USS Parche (SSN 683) 1959-1996
Griffith, Dwaine O., Rear Adm, USN (Ret) First OIC of NR-1
CO, USS Casimir Pulaski (SSBN-633B)
CO, USS Sam Rayburn (SSBN-635)
CO, USS Canopus (AS-34)
Dir, USN Deep Submergence Systems Division
Flag Officer on CNO Staff
Retired July 1991
May 23, 1996
Harchak, Andrew "Andy" RM1 Andy was a plank owner and made all four patrols on the Blenny (SS-324). He was a shipmate of mine for 14 months and a well liked sailor. We'll all miss Andy. - Frank Toon 11/2/2002
Haynes, William W. "Bill"  He served in the U.S. Submarine Service in World War II. 75, died Friday, June 7, 2002, at his home.
Haven, Charles B  1947 - 1968 Served aboard Guavina, Queenfish, Volador, Batfish, Atule, Quillback, Mackerel, Marlin, Grenadier and Sea Cat. Submitted by his widow, Annette. July 13, 1995 
Hayter, Keith  Keith served aboard USS Atule during WWII March 28, 2002 at the age of 77. 
Henneberry, William H. HMC Unknown November, 1999
Hill, Richard Allen  USS Darter and Blackfin Sept. 6, 1998 
Housenfluck, Jr, Thomas H. USS Gurnard, Hammerhead, and Narwhal January 1, 2001
Hulick, Don SK3(SS) - -  USS Sirago (SS485)  June 2001
Jolly, Jon B Jon was a WWII veteran, having qualified aboard USS Chopper (SS 342) in 1945. He was a freshly minted Ensign at the time. Jon joined USSVI Seattle Base in 2003, became a life member in 2004 and was inducted into the Holland Club in 2005. Jon belonged to the USS Chopper Association and was also a regular member of the US Submarine Veterans of WWII. He was owner of the Jon B. Jolly Company, selling and leasing professional sonar and navigation instrumentation primarily for scientific research and archaeolo August 24th 2006
Kain, Robert E - ENCS(SS) USS Bonefish SS582. Prior submarines USS Cavalla AGSS 244 and the USSX-1 experimental submarine Washed overboard and died at sea on March 3, 1981 while on  active duty on the USS Bonefish SS582
Milton T. Kidani ("Pineapple") USS John Marshall SSBN-611
(submitted by shipmate Bruce Shelton)
Unknown (this entry made 11/2002)
Kirkland, Edward G. - QMSN SS USS Sam Houstan SSBN 609 March 7, 2001
Keeler, Allen Al was a USSVI member of NAUTILUS BASE and lived in Bellevue, FL. He qualified on USS Trigger (SS 237) in 1942 and left Trigger just before her final fatal patrol. He also served on Hackleback. A, EM2(SS), he was best friends with my cousin, who rode Trigger on her last dive -- Curt Keeler, brother. June 7, 2003
Kohut, Sylvester Ltjg (Served 1936 to 1966) Decorated - Silver Star, served on Jack(plankholder), Grouper, Queenfish, Trutta, Argonaut. Surface ships: Dixie, Balch, Alstede, Warrington, Howard W. Gilmore. May 22, 2001
Kolb, Joseph Anthony USS Tinosa SSN-606 February 2, 2001
Tobyhana, PA
Krupnak, Larry  Larry was a very large fund raiser for the LA/PASADENA Base. He designed several; shirts sold by many bases, ie: Commemorating the 100 year birthday of Submarines, commemorating the loss ot Scorpion and Thresher. He designed the Current patch of the Los Angeles Base USSVI. Larry was one of those very special people that you hear about and really remember when your paths cross. He is very sadly missed. Larry was QM3(SS) and served on USS Volodor (SS 490) 1964-1966. May you have smooth seas and know you were loved by many. Jim Rogers CDR LA/PAS BASE USSVI. Larry was sent his Final Sailing Papers on about Dec 21, 2002
Krzeminski, Frank J., RMC A 21 year Naval veteran made eleven War Patrols during WW II, Nine in USS Sea Dragon SS 194, and two in USS Tench SS 417. Duty in Regulus Missile Program.  Frank was 87, he received his final orders 21 September 2002.
Kudlac, Paul L  USS Piper, USS Tench, and USS Argonaut during the years 1949-1952.
(submitted by son Michael P Kudlac)
May 13, 1986
LeBouf, Gil  USS Requin March 6, 2000
Lee, Joe "Doc" He and his wife Angela attended many functions such as summer parties, Christmas parties, and Veterans Day parades. Doc Lee enjoyed going to Galveston to work on the Cavalla, even when he could no longer go down inside the boat. He was always proud to be a submarine veteran and enjoyed his friends at the Dallas base. He was a plankowner on the USS Woodrow Wilson March 4, 2004 - heart and respiratory failure
Leunis, Cornelius "Casey" Uss Sturgeion, Uss SeaDragon in WWII October 21, 2000
Lewellen, Admiral Bafford  CO on the USS Pollack and Torsk during WWII Unknown (est. June 2000)
Lewandowski, Richard  Service record Went on eternal patrol on 6/16/2001
Lingren, Todd YN3/SS Perished in the catastrophic fire on board USS Bonefish SS582 on 24 April 1988 while trying to save the ship. Rest your oars

Submitted by Matt Donnelly, SK1/SS (USN Retired)

Lyons, Mark FT1(SS) USS Houston 1992-1998? October 20, 2002
Work-related injury.
Martin, Sidney Joseph Retired Navy Lt. Cmdr., decorated WWII Submarine Veteran on USS Drum & USS Flying Fish. Commanding Officer of USS Mulberry & USS Engage in Korean War. September 19, 2000
McDearmon, Randy  USS Daniel Boone SSBN 629 1985
McKay, Mark Stephen Born 3/5/59
USS Tinosa
USS Ulysses S. Grant
USS Simon Bolivar
USS Frank S. Cable (Sub Tender)
USS Theodore Roosevelt
USS Enterprise
January 30, 2001
MacMelville, Robert USS Queenfish SS-393 2001, age 75
Madden, Leo G. TMC/SS Ret. Leo was a member of Delaware Valley Chapter, USSVWWII. He served aboard USS S-12, USS Snook, USS SeaRobin, USS Burrfish, & USS Spikefish. Sailor, Sail In Peace. Amen. Neil J. Logue Jr. YN3SW March 4, 2004 at 85
Markus, Frank Jr QM2/SS Frank was a member of Delaware Valley Chapter, USSVWWII. He served aboard USS S-14, USS Tarpon, USS Flasher, & USS Seadog from 1942 to 1947. December 19, 2008
Mathews, John "Bud, Matty" Paul Farace announced: Well this was a sad shock... John Mathews, The Ohio state commander of the SubVets of WWII died from Thursday evening. Bud as he was known to us at the COD was on her COLD WAR crew (1951-53) serviing as an electricians mate. Later Bud would become a chief and served aboard boomers before retiring in 1974. Bud was one of COD's electricians who helped get us up and running in the early days of the COD's museum/memorial boat career. He was also a vital part of planning and execution of the COD crew reunions. He will be missed by us all. January 9, 2003 - kidney complications
Miller, Edgar MSC Chief Commissaryman 1938 to 1958. He was a member of Delaware Valley Chapter, USSVWWII. Edgar, Sail In Peace. Amen. 4-4-03
Morgan, Ken (Morgs) POMTPSM Morgs served in submarines from 1969-79 on Ovens, Otway and Orion. 5/11/2003 after along fight with cancer
Mugler, Milton William USS Rock 1944-45 as a cook. April 23, 2005. Submitted by Mark Mugler, son.
Nelson, Bradford T, MMCM(SS) From Milltown, NJ
USS Trumpetfish - MM2,
USS Vallejo - MM1
USS Pulaski - MMC,
and was Chief of the Boat aboard the USS Bergall - MMCM
February 5, 2001 
Lost to cancer
Nelson, George W. Served aboard Gabilan SS252 and Ablacore SS218 during WWII. Feb 11, 2006 in Greece, NY.
Nichols, Wilson "Nick" USS Sam Rayburn SSBN-635 and the Will Rogers in early 70's. Submitted by former shipmate Calvin Kurtz. Passed away Thursday, June 14, 2001 of a rare form of cancer in Palo Alto, California. 
Nowak, Joe GM on USS Bergall during WWII 2000
Nunley Sr., Robert W. ET1(SS) USS Patrick Henry ('62 - '68)


March 24, 2001
Nunn, Ross R. TM1/c USS Sea Leopard (WWII Service) September 27, 2001
O'Brien, Dennis Bradley , Jr.  MMFN(SS) - USS Los Angeles (SSN688)
Born - 08/01/74
Qualified on the USS Los Angeles 10/13/95
Junior Sailor of the Quarter
October 18, 1995 aboard the USS Los Angeles
Orr, Sam Frogman (Diver) May 19, 2000
Page, William T. - MT1 USS Daniel Webster, USS Von Steuben, USS Hunley, USS James K. Polk.

August 10, 2003
Submitted by Debra F. Page (wife)

Palma, Michael USS Ray SSN 653 April 9, 2000, Age 41
Palmer, Leonard USS Redfish (1958-1960) and also aboard the USS Bonita May 21, 2003 in Lewiston, Maine
Parks, Tom "Old Gringo" S-39, USS Sailfish SS192, USS Hackleback SS295 October 4, 2000
Perkins, Glenn "Glenny" MM2(SS/DV) USS Spadefish SSN-668. Died in 1996 on his way home to Texas on his first day of terminal leave in an automobile accident.
Petretti, George EM2/c Plankowner on the USS Sterlet (SS-392), and served during all five of her War Patrols. December, 2002
Perry, Clifford B. TM2(SS) USS Threadfin SS-410 5-15-2003
Porter, William "Bill", YN1(SS) USS Abraham Lincoln and USS Parche Died from a long battle with cancer on December 2, 2001. 
Post, Jerome F.  Born and raised in Pompton Lakes, NJ, he was a US Army Air Corp WWII Veteran serving from 1945 to 1947 and received honorable discharge. Year 1949 to 1953 he served in the US Navy as a GM3SS aboard the USS Sealion APSS-315 and received honorable discharge. He was a member of state and national submarine association. Age 74, died on June 6, 2002. 
Powell, Ron TM1(SS) USS Spadefish SSN-668. 12-18-1993
Reeves, Larry R. EN1/c USS Tunny, USS Ronquil in the 50's and 60's. Died of complications from diabetes, submitted by his brother Jim, a tin can sailor
Roache, Wayne MM3/SS USS Finback SS-670, 1969-72 8/24/2001 from cancer.
Roberts, Richard F. (Dick) Dick enlisted in the Navy in June 1944 and served aboard USS Argonaut 2; USS Tench, USS Hardhead, USS Rock and made the around the world cruise aboard USS Triton in 1961. Died May 22, 2002 while vacationing with his wife. 
Roosa, Roger Keith Capt. On Dec. 27, 2002 the submarine service lost a wonderful shipmate, Capt. Roger Keith Roosa, USN Retired. Roger was the first engineering officer on the USS Philadelphia, SSN690. He was my shipmate and my friend. Roger also served on the USS Sam Houston and was instrumental in the successful design, construction, and commissioning of the USS Seawolfe. Roger retired in 1992 and immediately began a new career supporting DOE activities at Savannah River, SC; Oak Ridge, TN; and Richland, WA. Roger is survived by his lovely wife Tracey and three fine children. Roger loved loved his Lord, loved his family, loved his country, and loved the United States Submarine Service. He was a credit to all. I celebrate his life, mourn his passing, and praise his service to God and country. - Willie Short Dec. 27, 2002
Saint, J.W. (MOMM1) USS Seawolf, SS-197 1944
Schiller, Robert  EN2(SS)  USS Sennet SS-408 November 21, 2002
Schlenzig, Capt. Robert Patrick Henry, CO of Atule, 1954 graduate of Naval Academy July 9, 2000 - Cancer
Schupback, E.K.(Gene) WWII vet on Tunny August, 2000
Shelton, Kenneth Joe USS Chopper SS-342 1955-57
(Submitted by brother Glenn (email) who believes Kenneth was a TM)
April 19, 1998
Smith, Marshall Dale FTCM(SS) USS Snook SSN592 plankowner, USS Trigger (xfer'd just prior to her loss). (submitted by Jack Hester, friend and former shipmate) December 23, 2000
Smith, Wilton USS Nereus AS-17 February, 2000
Splane, Dennis USS Tunny EM2 (SS)  1958 to 1961 March 26, 1939 to July 15, 2006 Colon Cancer
Staninger, Charles MM3 (SS) Lost aboard USS John Adams, SSBN-620  
Steimer, Ted Ltjg  


USS Bushnell AS-15 January 15, 2002
(submitted by his Bushnell shipmates)
Szpunar, Ronald Melvin  USS Conger and USS Patrick Henry 599 from 1959 through 1963 March 10, 1988
Tibbets, Herb Qualified on the USS Medregal(SS-480). He also served on the USS Growler(SSG-577),USS John Adams(SSBN-620), USS Sea Leopard(SS-483) and was the CO of the USS Cutlass(SS-478). September 13, 2000
Vauk, Ronald James, LCDR (tribute website) (tribute website USS Oklahoma City SSN-723, USS Glenard P Lipscomb SSN-685 September 11, 2001
Pentagon Air Crash
Wallowitch, Michael A. Tunny SSG-282 August 11, 2000 - Cancer
Ward, Robert USS Segundo SS398, USS Blenney SS324, USS Queenfish SS393, USS Barbero SS317, USS Mehaden, SS377, and USS Aspro SS309. Member of USSVI Holland Club and Mare Island Base. August 11, 2003
Wesner Sr., George D USS SeaHorse, USS Tinosa, "O" Boats and the tender Bushnell June 20, 2000
White, Franklin A, Jr. USS Pomodon November 23, 2001, never having lost his love of the sea
Williams, Lawrence USS Requin SS-481 June 20, 2000
Wilson , Jim  Captain of USS Sirago (SS485) June 2001
Wombles, "Doc" Jim USS Redfish May 6, 2000
Van Horn, Vic YNCS(SS) Archerfish SSN 678 and Puffer SSN 652 November 19th 1998
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