James Pardy
submitted by Cindy Pardy, Daughter

My Dad, James R. Pardy MMCM (SS) RET, died in August of 1997 from Mesothelioma, the cancer caused by asbestos exposure. I always knew the Navy was in Dad's blood, but for me, one event demonstrated it best. 

Dad went into the hospital for a biopsy in July of 1996. After the surgery, he was in ICU for recovery and the nurses told us that in the middle of the night he woke up shouting, "We're taking on water, abandon ship!" It seems that as the anesthesia wore off and he heard air rushing through the hospital's air conditioning vents, it sounded like a sub taking on water. 

It had been 21 years since he had retired, but he was still dreaming of submarines. Everyone in ICU laughed when they heard that the shouting which had woken them was from a retired submariner, after all, he was a duck out of water at Scott AFB. 

Dad spent about 13 of his 20 years in the Navy on subs. They included, the USS Sam Houston, USS Queenfish, USS Bonefish and USS Billfish. He was COB on the Billfish from 1971 until he went to (I think it was) DesRon 11 in Groton, CT. 

He retired in 1975. He was always proud to be a member of the group known to "run silent, run deep."

After I corresponded with Cindy about her message above, she sent a follow-up message about a recent experience that made her think of her Dad.  She was kind enough to allow me to share it with all of you - D.G.

(April 2000) - I went to see the movie "U-571" over the weekend. When the actors were running through the boat and grabbed the handlebar over the hatch jumping through, legs first, I almost laughed out loud. 

I remembered Dad trying to teach me to do that when he took me on board a sub when I was young. It seems I was barely tall enough to reach that bar, but I gave it the old "Navy Try". 

Through your listings I've found people my Mom will be sending messages to. It's fun to see names both of my parents have repeated time and again when they share sea stories and navy wives and bridge club stories. Thanks for maintaining a site that warms the heart and makes it easier to remember my dad and many other sub sailors during the 100th Anniversary of the Submarine.

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