Ron Hobson MMC(SS)
submitted by SL King, MMC(SS)

While stationed in Pearl Harbor I met Ron Hobson, at the time Ron was a MM1(SS) at the SubBase Repair Facility, Shop 38, he was always aboard and was ready when things had to be done. 

Our house was a focal point for week end get-togethers and for holidays. Ron and his beautiful wife Sue showed for one of our Saturday evening festivities and pitched in with the mess cooking, serving of the chow, helping to pick up, long after all had left. Ron told me then, that he was going to leave the Navy and go to Florida and "go into a marina and small boat repair business" 1975 was a very bad year for the United States Navy, many, many talented, qualified, the best of the best, submarine sailors were, leaving, I think Ron left sometime after. 

The year doesn't put the events back into perspective, knowing Ron came back to the Navy was a very good thing, especially for the Navy, although time has past and Ron Hobson MMC(SS) is gone, another one of those times and places comes to mind, second to none. "United States Submarine Service" the people make this the best on this Earth.

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